Minors 60' Baseball

Updated Friday April 27, 2018 by Northampton Baseball & Softball.

Minors Division (60' field) - (open to 9, 10 and 11-year-old boys & girls)

Typically appropriate for children in: 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th grade

Prerequisite: players have 2-3 years of Coaches Pitch experience 
NOTE: DIVISIONAL PLACEMENT IS EVALUATION BASED - NBSL makes all divisional placement decisions 


This division is designed as the initial level of player-pitch baseball

Players at this level must demonstrate a consistent ability to throw and catch a baseball for basic safety reasons. Also, the transition from coaches pitch to players pitch can be very challenging. We have observed that the vast majority of 8-year-olds benefit from an additional year of Rookie/Farm ball, even if they and their parents think they are ready for minors.

The focus at this level continues to be on individual skill development and understanding of situational play, including the development of pitching and the catcher position. The environment is competitive and standings are kept with playoffs after the season. However, the main emphasis remains on development and fun. Generally, kids will experience playing a few positions, including trying pitching if they are interested.

Season begins each March with spring training with games beginning in mid/late April for about seven weeks, followed by playoffs ending in mid/late June. There are typically 2 to 3 games scheduled per week. 

This division will compete against other teams from Easthampton, Southampton, Amherst and Belchertown. This expanded interleague play provides for a more competitive, diverse and enjoyable environment for all involved. As such, travel is required for away games to these communities.

Requests for a child to be placed with a specific coach or another player cannot be honored. 

​However, siblings in the same division will be placed together. 

Spring Training:
Will be used to determine the player's readiness for this division - players MUST attend


NBSL provides as part of player tuition: practice shirt, belt, socks, hat and seasonal uniform top

Parents are required to purchase baseball pants that meet league standards: plain white baseball pants that bear no lines/piping

NBSL will make available for purchase and through its website/store baseball pants that meet this criteria.

Parents may choose to purchase separate of the league but those pants must meet the criteria set forth by the league.

Equipment Needed:

Helmets - Parents purchase helmets for their player due to health & sanitation purposes - teams will have two sharted helmets per team

Bats - League will supply two team bats per team, parent are welcome to purchase bats for their player


NOTE: DIVISIONAL PLACEMENT IS EVALUATION BASED - NBSL makes all divisional placement decisions