Updated Thursday April 19, 2018 by Northampton Baseball & Softball.

UPDATED: April 19, 2018

Teams will be announced on Saturday April 21st and coachs will begin to reach out to schedule practices - games will begin May 1st for most teams

We will hold practice on Saturday morning, April 21st - emails will advise your player on which session to attend
These sessions will be held @ Ryan Road
We are planning to hold, weather permitting, additional sessions during evening hours next week
Teams will be formed on April 26th and announced April 27th

Majors teams have been announced and game schedule will be posted to website in coming days
Coaches should be holding practices
Games are scheduled to begin on April 27th - April 28th

Intermediate teams have been announced and game schedule is posted on website
Coaches should be holding practices
Games are scheduled to begin on April 24th



  • Minors 60' teams formed on April 20th & announced April 21st
  • Rookies/Coaches Pitch team formation announced April 27th
  • Opening Day Parade on Sunday May 6th - ALL players participate 
  • Tag & Picture Day on Saturday May 19th - ALL players for team pictures - Minors, Majors and Int for Tag Day

As always, should you have questions related to the season and/or your player, please contact us - info@NBSL.org

Our website offers parents a great deal of information about the season and events that are upcoming 

Please visit www.NBSL.org often for updates on our season


* dates are subject to change, we will do our best to communicate changes as quickly as possible 



Northampton Baseball at 90' level can be complicated - NBSL works with the Koufax group each season and this season is no different, to that end:
Koufax is holding tryouts for their 90' team on April 7th and April 8th, this coming weekend.

NBSL encourages all those who are age 13, 14 or 15 after January 1st to tryout.

Parents and players can read more about the Koufax program by visiting their website, http://www.mikelagayouthbaseball.org/

You can also reach Coach Dolan @ 413-522-0639 or via email @ tdolan7531@gmail.com for more information. 

Once Koufax team selections are complete, NBSL will decide whether we have the players and coaches to make a NBSL 90' season a reality in 2018. 



These sessions and trainings are part of your player's seasonal tuition and integral to their baseball/softball education.
Additionally these sessions are an important process of divisional assignment; as such we say attendance is mandatory for players – this enables evaluators enough time to properly view your player.

Note, when players attend all sessions, evaluators will see that player for no less than six hours of indoor trainings, plus the outdoor sessions we’re planning. It is our plan to view each player for approx. 10 hours prior to divisional placement.

This process provides NBSL a comprehensive understanding of all players’ ability combined with their personality with the goal being proper divisional assignments for continued player success and growth of confidence.

DIVISIONAL PLACEMENT IS EVALUATION BASED - NBSL makes all divisional placement decisions



  • Players are to arrive 10-15 minutes BEFORE their scheduled start
  • We will have a check in table where parents & players check in and obtain their nametag label (please do not affix label to the shirt your player arrives in)
  • Parents and players will then proceed to the next table where we'll be handing out practice shirts and hats for the season
  • Parents are then asked to have their players switch into their practice shirts (please affix their name tag at this time) and before the start of the session.
  • Players then proceed to the bleachers where they will sit until brought onto the floor


  • Practice will begin promptly at assigned time
  • Players are to continue to wear their practice shirts for each league and team event/practice throughout the season.
  • Parents are advised to stay during their player’s session, as these are 90 min in duration 


  • Comfortable clothing, for example - shorts, sweatpants
  • Sneakers - absolutely no cleats allowed
  • Fielding glove
  • Bats – players should bring their personal bats (league bats are available)
  • Bottle of water (there is a fountain at the gym)
  • Hoodie/Sweatshirt - In case we go outside

Parents are advised to allow enough time for your player to be properly prepared (dressed, shoes tied) as will begin promptly and wish for everyone to be inclusive at all our sessions